Hi– My name is Emily and I am a twenty-something girl living in San Francisco!

Glitz, Glam, Granola is a healthy living/lifestyle blog that explores all aspects of living a healthy, balanced life. For me, that involves a combination of eating yummy, mostly non-processed food but also mixing in treats and splurges. I love to eat and am not interested in depriving myself from the joy of it, but I do generally try to make good food choices. I believe that healthy living is about more than just food or exercise, it is about the glitz and the glam of life. I try and live my life with a little sparkle and you’ll see that here too. Whether it is through fun events with my friends and family or fashion and beauty posts, I hope you’ll join me in putting a little glitz and glam in your life!


  1. Hi Emily! I love your blog so far, and I look forward to reading more! :)

  2. Loving your blog!!

  3. Ohmygosh, you’re in SF?! Cool! We’re down in the South Bay!

  4. So glad you came by my blog today! I love finding blogs close to home. :)

  5. Hi! I just discovered your blog! Looking forward to reading more :)

  6. Hi! I just discovered your blog via PBFingers, and I am definitely going to take a look around. I live in the Bay Area too, but down the Peninsula a bit! I look forward to reading more!

  7. Just discovered your blog! Im in the bay area too! cant wait to read more!


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